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Jeg er glad for Mantles produkter i almindelighed og for The Glow Serum og The Chill Cream i særdeleshed. Begge er stort set dagligt en del af min hudplejemenu morgen og/eller aften og anbefales varmt. De får min hud til at føles så veltilpas og behagelig.


All I need is the Face Jelly for my routine, the super hydrator.


"MANTLE has now been in my beauty routine for 1 year. I love this brand. It gives my skin the right amount of hydration, calms my skin and gives it the right glow.” 


"The change in weather is always very hard for my scandinavian skin. This is when I know it's time to change to my heavier skin care products and go to The Rich Cream with plenty of The Glow Serum underneath."


"My cleansing routine is something I'd never skip, and this one leaves my skin balanced and nourished. A moment to reboot, calm my mind and take care of my skin."


"Chill Cream has become one of my favorites, it's easy to apply and gives me a beautiful glow!"


"✨ CLEAN BEAUTY DUPE ✨ I can immediately see and feel the difference as the serum plumps, smoothens and rejuvenates the skin. No wonder why it has the name as it literally make my skin bounce with a healthy glow ✨This one is definitely a keeper👌🏻"


The Whipp är uden tvivl en af mine favorit produkter fra Mantle, giver så meget fugt til huden. Og så har alle produkterne den mest lækre og friske citrusduft.


"Every morning The Wow Serum makes sure my skin is fully hydrated before adding the ultra nourishing Rich Creme. Leaving my skin perfectly glowing and 100% protected 🦋 I can honestly say my skin never looked better!"


Jeg vil meget nødigt lave for meget om i min hudplejerutine nu, fordi min hud arter sig så godt efter jeg begyndte at bruge @hellomantle Jeg bruger the SPF som sidste skridt i min hudplejerutine i stedet for den almindelige ansigtscreme og så kan jeg uden problemer tage makeup på udenpå uden at det hele kager sammen eller at min hud ser fedtet ud.


"I've been using MANTLE for almost four months now. I have a glow that I didn’t have before and the red spots on my skin that annoy me so much are not visible anymore!!"


"Skin so soft you might mistake your face for a literal baby's bottom!"


"Definitely love at first sight. Been trying these beautiful products for a while now and they’re already becoming a favourite of mine."